Pahadi rasoi special , Story of UK 04 cafe of Haldwani

हल्द्वानी में पहाड़ी कैफे खोलकर कपल ने की शानदार शुरुआत, पहाड़ के लोग दे रहे हैं आशीर्वाद
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Haldwani: Vinay Bisht: Cafe UK 04: The fresh mountain air here has an irresistible pull towards the peaks, a force that even the mountain dwellers themselves can’t resist. Young locals are passionately embracing their mountain heritage, culture, and cuisine to elevate their community. One inspiring couple from the mountains has launched a startup in Haldwani-Kathgodam, not only finding employment for themselves but also drawing people closer to the mountains.

Originally from Lamghra, Vinay Bisht and his wife Shivani Bisht turned their dream into reality by opening the UK-04 Retro Cafe to celebrate and promote mountain cuisine. Despite the cafe’s retro urban vibe, the concept was born out of four years of struggle in Mumbai.

Having operated a successful cafe in Mumbai, the pandemic forced Vinay and Shivani to return to Uttarakhand. They were determined to focus on promoting their mountain roots within the state. Their cafe, opened in January 2021 in Kathgodam, exudes a cozy mountain home atmosphere with an extensive use of raw materials, offering patrons a taste of the mountains alongside a healthy dining experience.

Since its opening in August, the cafe has become a beloved spot, not only among tourists visiting from Haldwani and nearby mountain regions but also with the local community. Vinay and Shivani have curated a menu featuring mountain delicacies such as Maduwa-based dishes like Maduwa pizza and Maduwa momos, along with a special clay oven pizza.

The cafe also offers a wide variety of teas and coffees with a mountain touch. Vinay and Shivani’s dedication to bringing their cafe idea to life reflects not only their entrepreneurial spirit but also their beautiful partnership.

They believe strongly in promoting mountain cuisine in Haldwani, recognizing its importance in preserving Kumaon’s way of life. This endeavor not only energizes them but also introduces more young people to the wonders of Maduwa. The fusion of Maduwa with fast food has been warmly received by customers.

Vinay and Shivani emphasize that mountain cuisine is not only delicious but also healthy. Alongside the food, the cafe boasts a musical theme, promising future additions to the menu such as sandwiches, coffee, shakes, and Maduwa juice—a true celebration of local flavors and culture.

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