Hard work of Haldwani boy Rohit Pargai Pays off in Mumbai

Haldwani: Devbhoomi residents’ and the youth of our state’s talent has never let us down. No matter the area, the people of Uttarakhand have consistently improved the state’s standing both domestically and internationally. On the basis of their diligence and intelligence, young people feel the need to realise their aspirations. Haldwani resident Rohit Pargai is likewise passionately pursuing his dream. Making a reputation for himself in Mayanagari.

The 24-year-old Haldwani Naya Bazar resident Rohit Pargai recently appeared in the lead role of Dice Media’s first army anthology show in India. The unique aspect is that he appeared on screen alongside actor Anoop Soni. A series episode also had Shakti Kapoor as the lead. Additionally, Rohit has appeared in advertising for brands such as Hotstar, Centre Fruit, and Coca-Cola.

Must say that getting a chance to work with Salman Khan in the promo of Dus Ka Dum show is a huge achievement of his career so far. Anxiety is always there when success is observed from a distance. Make it the struggle of the difficult person’s life. But having some determination in mind makes this difficulty easy.

Haldwani to Mumbai, the journey :

 Rohit Pargai completed his foundational education at Benson School in Haldwani and his upper-division coursework at KVM School. According to Rohit Pargai, who has been acting in plays since sixth grade, his current visit to Mumbai is the result of this practise. Up to his 12th grade year, he appeared in 30 to 40 plays. In addition to acting, Rohit also wrote throughout this time.

Along with his schooling, Rohit participated in a variety of citywide programmes and won numerous prizes thanks to his abilities. Rohit was chosen for the B.Com programme at Mumbai’s Mithi Bai College and received 90 percent on his 12th-grade exam. Rohit reached Mumbai but left the college after going to college on the very first day. What was it then, Rohit made up his mind to move forward towards realizing his dreams.

Struggles on the way to success

Rohit has persevered through every hardship in his life. Rohit recalls a time when his father’s health started to fail and he was forced to return home. spent 1.5 years in Haldwani taking care of my father’s business. But he continued to get ready for Mumbai during this time. When Rohit went back to Mayanagari this time, he also had success. Rohit began to land excellent projects. We should mention that he most recently collaborated with Aamir Ali on the Live Navrangi television series.

Significantly, Rohit’s big break came when he was offered the main part in Dice Media’s Brave Hearts. But Rohit has much bigger goals than this. According to Rohit, he thinks hard work is important. Don’t look at the outcomes. Rohit asserts that Mumbai is a place where people struggle a lot.

However, every dream can be realised if it is regarded with an open mind. The entire community of Haldwani, not just one family, is hoping for Rohit’s success. Sincere congrats from The Better Uttarakhand team to Rohit.

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