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Have you heard about MADUWA cake, Young Chef showing his class in Uttarakhand

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Haldwani: Once more, we present to you the inspiring tale of a young individual who has made a mark by harnessing the resources of the mountains. The remarkable aspect of mountain products lies in their nutritional value. They could be dubbed as the “healthier fast food” of contemporary India. In Haldwani, a conversation is also brewing about MADUWA cakes (derived from a local ingredient), following the popularity of MADUWA momos. Umesh Bisht, a Haldwani native, is now accepting cake orders made from MADUWA at his bakery.

Residing in Haldwani, Umesh Bisht manages a bakery situated on Gas Godown Road. His educational journey led him through Amrapali College, and post his academic pursuits, he ventured into metropolitan cities for work. Drawing from his experiences in Mumbai and Bangalore, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. In a manner akin to numerous other young individuals, Umesh laid the groundwork for his enterprise even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Umesh Bisht intertwined his endeavors with mountain-sourced products in Haldwani. His endeavor commenced with the aim of promoting the usage of mountain products. He emphasizes that the older generation in the mountains particularly favors MADUWA, considering it beneficial for the well-being of children.

Indigenous residents of the mountains assert that Umesh’s work is effectively steering youngsters away from detrimental fast-food options. They highlight that MADUWA cakes have garnered significant popularity. Umesh Bisht provided contact information for ordering MADUWA cakes: dial 9368309210 or 9634495783

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