Haldwani girl Preeti Tiwari became Assistant Director in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Haldwani :Source: Haldwani has a long history of success in the sphere of education. The youth in this area have broken numerous records both domestically and internationally. Thousands of people can be motivated by the stories of numerous youths. This is the tale of an officer who worked hard to realise the aspirations of his family.

Preeti Tiwari works as an assistant director for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and resides in Gas Godam Road Durga Vihar. She attended Haldwani Aryaman Vikram Birla School for her education. She then graduated with a BSc and MSc in statistics from Rajasthan in 2017. Preeti had job offers from a number of private organisations, but she chose to begin her preparation for the civil services. Let us inform you that Preeti was awarded a scholarship for her post-graduate studies.

Preeti earned the ninth overall position in the 2019 Indian Statistical Service Examination. In her second attempt, she succeeded where she had failed in her first. Mohan Chandra Tiwari, Preeti’s father, served in HMT. He retired on his own accord. Nobody is unaware of the HMT’s state. Although the family members kept the kids away from these things and instructed them to focus on their education, they did not receive a salary for months and it was difficult to enrol them in a suitable school. Rajni Tiwari, Preeti’s mother, is a housewife. Preeti’s tale is comparable to that of a middle-class family, yet despite all the obstacles against her, she succeeded.

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