Friends work for Youth, Not a work place… its a study place in Haldwani

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Uttarakhand: Haldwani: Adhiyan Library Haldwani: The youth of Uttarakhand are currently exploring fresh ideas, showing a shift from mere pursuit of income to a dedication to serving society. In Haldwani, often referred to as the gateway to the Kumaon region, a group of four friends has initiated a remarkable project called “Adhyayan” (Study) at the Durga City Center on Nainital Road. Ankit Kunwar, Nitin Aswal, Nitin Pathak, and Pankaj Sah, all students at MBPG College, have spearheaded this endeavor.

According to Nitin Pathak, this library resembles those found in metropolitan areas, offering students 24/7 access to study resources and materials for competition preparation. He pointed out that while young people from mountainous regions initially come to Haldwani for education, they often migrate to larger cities afterward. The aim is to reverse this trend, urging youth to pursue education within their home state and serve as role models for others.

Nitin Pathak also highlighted that this library is the first of its kind in Kumaon, providing readers with adequate facilities for round-the-clock study sessions. With seating for up to 125 individuals and high-speed internet, students can reserve slots for uninterrupted study time. Additionally, the library offers a wide range of useful books, newspapers, and amenities to cater to readers’ needs. It serves as a welcoming space for enthusiastic learners to pursue their educational goals.

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