Haldwani’s Kusum Pandey started the first art studio in Uttarakhand

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Artist Kusum Pandey: Success Story: In Haldwani, young individuals are making impressive advancements in the field of arts, significantly contributing to the enhancement of Uttarakhand’s folk culture. What stands out is that their accomplishments are serving as a motivating force for other youth. In this context, let’s introduce Kusum Pandey, the visionary behind the Rang Geet Art Center located in Uttargaujajali, Haldwani. She is the trailblazer behind Uttarakhand’s first fine art studio, known as the Rang Geet Art Center.

Over the past year, Kusum Pandey, a resident of Haldwani, has been leading the operations of the studio. Armed with a degree in Fine Arts from Chhattisgarh and a post-graduation degree in Arts from a college in Delhi, she not only nurtures her passion but also takes significant strides in educating young minds in this field. Kusum has earned numerous national and international awards for her artistic excellence. Her concern lies in the limited resources and platforms available in Uttarakhand for aspiring fine artists. Witnessing this gap, she, along with her husband Manoj Pandey, took the initiative to establish the studio. She emphasizes that artists should find opportunities within Uttarakhand rather than seeking them outside the state. With this vision, the Rang Geet Art Center was founded, aiming to engage parents in discussions about the potential of turning a child’s artistic talent into a viable career. Kusum advocates that if a child is passionate about a pursuit, allowing them to follow that passion can lead to remarkable achievements. The studio’s mission is to foster a supportive environment where everyone plays the dual role of both learner and teacher.

The fine arts disciplines covered include painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Kusum Pandey envisions providing comprehensive training to children in her studio, preparing them for admission to government art colleges. From foundational principles to advanced concepts, children receive a thorough education in the art domain. Regarding income potential in the fine arts field, Kusum emphasizes that there are no limits; success hinges on one’s diligence and passion. According to her, where there is passion, financial gains should not be the primary focus. To inspire the youth, external artists frequently visit the art center as guests, sharing their valuable experiences. Many artists from Uttarakhand are achieving substantial success after commencing their journey with a simple pen and paper.

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