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Pithoragarh to Australia, Keran Pant’s journey of businesswomen

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Uttarakhand News: Pithoragarh News: Keran Pant: The concept of self-employment holds a pivotal place in contemporary Indian thought. The increasing trend of individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys is a vital lifeline, particularly in rural areas. Uttarakhand’s residents aren’t just embracing self-employment within India but are also exploring opportunities abroad. Today, let’s delve into the narrative of Keran Pant, who initiated a business venture in Australia after leaving Pithoragarh.

Keran Pant, originating from Chitkal village in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district, grew up in a household with parents affiliated with the navy. His educational pursuit led him to Delhi, where he initially studied physiotherapy and later earned an MBA degree. Before a significant turning point in his life, he served in various multinational corporations.

In 2012, Keran tied the knot with Deepak Joshi from Ludhiana, who was employed in Australia. Following their marriage, Keran relocated to Australia with her husband. Despite their daughter being born in India, she adeptly adapted to life in a foreign land. Keran ventured into the hotel industry upon settling in Australia. Alongside earning her livelihood abroad, she paved the way for others to do the same.

The establishment of a hotel in Australia posed substantial challenges. Keran underscores that triumph only follows overcoming such obstacles. It is her unwavering determination that currently enables her to successfully manage the hotel.

Beyond managing the hotel in Pithoragarh, Keran is also an accomplished author. She has authored three books, all rooted in connections to Uttarakhand. Her book titled “It’s Follows You” houses a plethora of engaging stories. Keran is presently engrossed in penning her fourth book. Not too long ago, she actively participated in a literature festival held in Dehradun.

Keran Pant’s expedition from Uttarakhand to Australia, where she not only oversees a hotel but also contributes to literature, stands as an inspiration to numerous aspiring individuals. Her narrative eloquently illustrates how resilience and hard work pave the way for success across diverse domains of life.

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