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Haldwani girl Khushboo Joshi, working for girls health in Kargil

हल्द्वानी की खुशबू जोशी कारगिल में बेटियों के लड़ रही हैं युद्ध, गजब है SHOQPA की कहानी
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Haldwani: As women take flight, even the sky seems smaller. No standard or measure has truly captured the work style, success, and achievements of women until now. And how could they? Women are multifaceted. Look at Uttarakhand, where daughters not only understand family values but also contribute to societal reform.

Khushboo Joshi, a resident of Chharaayal in Haldwani, is shouldering all the responsibilities of being a girl. She is actively working to protect girls from the shadows of diseases. In today’s society, the chant of women’s empowerment echoes everywhere, but discussions about women’s health remain muted. Why do we find it so peculiar to talk about menstruation?

They say a girl’s pain can only be understood by another girl. Understanding this responsibility, Khushboo Joshi is dedicatedly working towards it. Since 2019, she has been involved in the SHOQPA project. Through SHOQPA, she is addressing issues that should be the collective responsibility of society. Our society tends to neglect daughters and women, treating them as commodities during marriages and expecting them to carry forward the lineage.

Amidst all this, we often overlook women’s health entirely. Khushboo Joshi understands this neglect well. Being a daughter and a woman, she embraces this responsibility and strives to make a difference. According to Khushboo Joshi, adolescent girls still lack knowledge about reproductive health and their bodies. SHOQPA not only educates these girls but also shields them from diseases.


SHOQPA was born during the first wave of the pandemic, though officially registered in November 2021. However, the team has been working on this for the past three years. Khushboo Joshi initiated this project from Kargil, starting as a volunteer in 2019 and gradually building a dedicated team.

Initially, Khushboo approached several brands, but their lack of interest led her to conduct independent research. This research led to the distribution of reusable sanitary pads by the team. They devised a training plan and commenced pad distribution with 20 volunteers in August. Collaborating with Ladakh’s education department, they distributed pads to numerous schools.

Khushboo Joshi recalls that the idea of SHOQPA emerged during the pandemic when everyone was distributing masks and sanitizers but neglecting women’s health. She always aspired to work in this direction and, upon conversing with girls in Ladakh, realized the urgent need for health education. SHOQPA has since enlightened adolescent girls about menstruation and various health topics, providing medical treatment to those in need.

Khushboo of Haldwani, Engaging in Kargil

Though born in Udaipur, Khushboo Joshi resides in Haldwani. She completed her schooling in Udaipur and continued her education up to the 12th grade at Aryaman Vikram Birla School in Haldwani. Later, she pursued Political Science at Delhi University and obtained a Master’s in Public Administration from Jamia Millia Islamia University.

In 2019, Khushboo volunteered for a project in Kargil, where she observed a lack of knowledge among girls, motivating her to take action. Today, Khushboo has educated many girls about their health and is distributing sanitary pads that last up to two years. She aims to continue this work in Haldwani and the mountainous regions, spreading awareness about women’s health in both cities and remote villages. Khushboo expresses gratitude to social entrepreneur Mujammil Husain and SHOQPA’s co-founder Dr. Nousheen Khan for their essential support. Khushboo Joshi and her team are making a meaningful impact on society through their efforts.

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