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The Tale of Nainital’s Neelam: A Journey Mirroring Virat’s, Cricket Her Constant Through Tough Times

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Ramnagar: While outcomes are not always in our control, the effort we put in certainly is. Those who blame fate remain stuck in that cycle of blame. In contrast, those who take action often end up making history. This is exactly what Neelam, a daughter of Ramnagar, has done. She has made a significant contribution to Uttarakhand winning its first Indian domestic cricket trophy. Remarkably, Neelam remained unbeaten throughout the tournament. However, her journey to this achievement was far from easy.

Neelam Journey in Under-19 Women’s Trophy

Neelam Bhardwaj, a resident of Ramnagar, is only an 11th-grade student at G.G.I.C. However, the entire Indian women’s cricket community has started to look at her with great hope. Recently, Uttarakhand claimed victory in the Under-19 Women’s Trophy. Thanks to another brilliant innings by Neelam Bhardwaj, Uttarakhand won the Under-19 Women’s Trophy. Neelam’s impressive unbeaten innings of 56 runs helped Uttarakhand easily defeat Madhya Pradesh.

Neelam, associated with the Corbett Cricket Academy, delivered an outstanding performance throughout the tournament, leading her team to victory. Today, Neelam’s name is on everyone’s lips. She is currently captaining her team in the Challenger Trophy. It’s noteworthy that this wave of recognition is due to Neelam’s display of talent. However, just a year ago, her family was facing a storm of crises. Neelam lost her father in March last year.

Mother’s determination made daughter successful

A very ordinary family suddenly lost its head in an accident. Truly, a mountain of sorrow fell upon the family. But Neelam’s mother, Pushpa Devi, didn’t let her daughter stay away from the playing field. Pushpa Devi took care of children by working in other people’s homes. Neelam didn’t even have the necessary equipment to play cricket. But Neelam didn’t give up at all and turned her determination into passion

Neelam’s story resonating with Virat Kohli

It’s noteworthy that Neelam Bhardwaj’s story resonates with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli lost his father during a cricket match, and it’s worth mentioning that at that time, Virat hadn’t even debuted for the Indian senior team. Overcoming hardships, Virat’s family paved a long way. Today, everyone knows him as the King of world cricket. Similarly, Neelam has also taken a vow to move forward with memories of her father.

Mentorship and Guidance by coach Mr. Israr Ansari

It’s notable that Neelam’s talent was recognized by her coach, Mr. Israr Ansari, who not only taught her cricket skills but stood by her like a father in every situation. The coach provided Neelam with all the cricket gear she needed. Neelam resides in a dilapidated house near the Ramnagar Railway Station. In her family are her mother Puspha Devi, younger brothers Om (12) and Satyam (10). Her elder sister Sneha got married last year. Neelam has started scripting history. Soon, this daughter of Uttarakhand will inspire not just India but the whole world.

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