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Ravi Roti Bank Leads the Charge in Battling Drug Menace in Uttarakhand

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Haldwani: In Uttarakhand, the youth are increasingly succumbing to drug addiction, with the situation becoming alarmingly grave. Substance abuse involving alcohol and cigarettes is now considered relatively mild compared to the rampant consumption of more dangerous drugs like smack, charas, and ganja, which are being sold openly in neighborhoods and streets. This epidemic is not only ruining the lives of these young individuals but also posing a serious threat to society and their families. The entire young generation of the hills is being devastated by this menace.

Government and Administration’s Struggle

The administration and government are well aware of the severity of this issue and are making efforts to eradicate drug abuse. However, the spread of narcotics is so extensive that these efforts are proving insufficient. The illegal drug trade has established deep roots in Uttarakhand, generating a multi-billion-rupee industry. Thousands of people are involved in this lucrative trade, willing to go to any lengths to protect their interests.

The Need for Public Cooperation

The situation has become so dire that public cooperation is the only viable solution to combat this crisis. Without the support of the populace, no government or police force can successfully dismantle the drug trade. Social welfare organizations working for public good must take the lead and sound the alarm against drug abuse.

Ravi Roti Bank’s Initiatives

One such organization, Ravi Roti Bank in Haldwani, is actively working towards the elimination of drug addiction. For the past month, its members have been tirelessly conducting awareness campaigns, counseling sessions, and rehabilitation efforts. They have met with city magistrates, tehsildars, city officers, and SP City officials, demanding a drug-free Uttarakhand and Haldwani. Not only have they raised these demands, but they have also offered their full support in this mission.

Dedicated Team of Ravi Roti Bank

Led by President Tarun Saxena, the entire team of Ravi Roti Bank is dedicated and enthusiastic about creating a drug-free Uttarakhand. They are planning to organize seminars in schools to raise awareness and are collaborating with various rehabilitation centers to counsel and rehabilitate drug victims. Their efforts are already showing positive results.

Successful Actions in Nainital

In Nainital district, significant actions are being taken against drug abuse. The SSP Nainital has formed an Anti-Drug Squad, which is actively apprehending drug peddlers and putting them behind bars.

Call to Action for a Drug-Free Uttarakhand

It is imperative that the government, administration, and citizens of Uttarakhand acknowledge that drug addiction is a major issue destroying the state’s youth. Only with this recognition can serious plans and actions be implemented to tackle and eradicate this problem.

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