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Uttarakhand’s Manoj Sarkar Shines at Tokyo Paralympics, Credits Late Mother and Supportive Wife for His Success

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Haldwani: The youth of Devbhoomi have always shone brightly in the world of sports. With their extraordinary talent, they have won hearts across various arts. For athletes here, sports are more than just a game; it’s a deep-rooted passion. The state often finds its identity in its remarkable athletes.

Manoj Sarkar achivement at Tokyo Paralympics

Manoj Sarkar, hailing from Rudrapur, elevated the pride of the nation and the state by clinching a medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. He made history as Uttarakhand’s first badminton player to win a bronze medal on his Olympic debut, proudly waving the Indian flag. Manoj’s journey began with setbacks, but despite losing his first match, he never gave up. He learned from his defeat and triumphed in the subsequent matches.

Journey of Resilience

Reflecting on his challenging days, Manoj recalled how he took his mother along when he received the Arjuna Award because she was his greatest motivator. He always attributes his success to his mother. After his father’s death, his mother became his closest confidante. Remembering her, he said she was the one who taught him the value of hard work.

Tribute to His Mother

Following his mother’s passing, Manoj’s spirits plummeted. Without her support, he felt weak and started distancing himself from sports. However, his wife stood by him, boosting his morale and fulfilling her role as a true partner. Manoj shares that during the Olympics, his wife advised him to channel his anger from their arguments into his game, assuring him of victory. Now, with the medal and overwhelming love from people, Manoj feels his mother’s presence with him.

Day of indescribable honor

Manoj described the overwhelming pride he felt hearing the Indian national anthem in a foreign land, giving him goosebumps and bringing him to tears. When the Prime Minister congratulated him, he felt an indescribable honor: “When the Prime Minister called and said, ‘Manoj, you have made the nation and Devbhoomi Uttarakhand proud by winning the bronze medal,’ I felt for the first time that I had truly achieved something for my motherland. That day is unforgettable.”

Message for the Youth

For aspiring athletes, Manoj advises taking the first step independently, as self-initiative is crucial. He emphasized the importance of family support, saying that once your family stands by you, the world will follow. The first step, however, must come from within. Manoj concluded by expressing his determination to achieve more success. He said that after this victory, all of Uttarakhand feels like his family, and it’s his duty to do something for them.

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